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How a good locksmith can help you avoid lock snapping

Lock snapping is in the news again. All around the county it is becoming the chosen method of breaking into homes whilst the homeowner sleeps. Even though there have been many TV programs and countless you tube videos made about lock snapping, many people are still unaware of this method of breaking into homes and assume it cant happen to them.
Many people have UPVC doors that have multi point locking systems and that gives them the confidence that they are secure in their own homes. Unfortunately it is that confidence that allows criminals a free pass into their victims home.

What is Lock snapping?
Lock snapping is literally as the name suggests. A criminal can, with very basic tools, snap a Euro lock in half. He then has access to your multipoint locking system and is able to open your door. The whole process can be completed in less than thirty seconds. It is a very quiet procedure allowing the thief to enter the target home without disturbing the occupants and helps themselves to ipads, mobile phones, money etc.
With the introduction of car immobilisers, many burglaries are just to get the car keys, which are often left near the door.

How can I check if my locks are anti snap locks?
It is very easy to check your locks. You just have to remove the euro cylinder. Unfortunately, as with everything, there are good anti snap cylinders and cheap anti snap cylinders. Most locksmiths offer a free security check and will be happy to advice you on the merits of the various locks currently available.

Can I fit anti snap locks myself?
The simple answer is yes. Choosing the correct lock, having the right measurements and ensuring it is as good as it promises to be is not so easy. Locks purchased from the various DIY chains are often over priced. They over promise and under deliver. A good locksmith knows where to get the best locks. The locksmith knows how to fit them correctly.

Where can I see a video about lock snapping?
There are many videos available on You Tube. I have also made one it can be seen by following this link Lock snapping video . If you live in the Scarborough area feel free to post a message with any questions.

Should I contact a locksmith to get advice?
A good local locksmith is an invaluable person to know. He or she should be happy to take a look at your locks and give you advise. You also never know when you might need one in an emergency. Knowing one in advance can never hurt. Again, if you live in the Scarborough area I would be happy to give out free advise.