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Locksmith Services

Emergency Boarding Up Service

When accidental damage or a break-in happens to your residential or commercial property you want to make sure that the place is quickly and professionally secured to prevent further damage.

All locks opened, repaired or replaced

  • Garage Door Locks
  • Household wooden and UPVC Door Locks
  • Window Locks and mechanisms

Emergency call out

I am based in Newby so can get to most Scarborough areas quickly.

Non-destructive entry

Most locks can be picked, ensuring no damage to your door. Some locksmiths have been known to only carry one tool, a drill!

UPVC doors serviced

Often people don’t realise that they are using more and more pressure when locking their door. The locking mechanisms on UPVC doors can snap. If that happens, you’re often locked out and needing letting in, a new lock and mechanism costing ££££. Often a simple realignment is all thats needed and can get your door working properly again.

If your door lock has seized up and can’t be opened, I carry a good selection of multi point locks and can probably replace it in one visit.

Free Home survey

All British home insurance policies require you to have locks that meet the BS 3621 standard. Did you know that in 2007 the BS 3621 standard changed? That means that if you have locks that say they are British Standard locks, if they were installed before 2007 they probably don’t confirm to the new standard. Insurance companies have been known to use this as a reason to not pay out!

I would be happy to take a look and check your locks. It would only take around 10 minutes to do and would not charge you anything. Great for peace of mind.

British standard locks fitted

I can provide you with a range of options for replacement locks. From the entry level British standard (BS3621) to the top of the range TS007 Anti drill locks Anti pick locks, Anti bump locks, Anti snap locks and Anti pull locks.

Keyed alike systems

Many hotels have keyed alike systems so they can get into the rooms without needing to carry loads of keys. This can also be provided for the home. It makes life a little easier when you have one key that fits both your front and back doors.

Anti Snap locks

A crime wave is sweeping across Yorkshire where standard locks on UPVC doors are being snapped and burglars are gaining entry to homes in seconds. I can supply and fit anti snap locks to combat this type of break in technique and we have various different brands offering different levels of lock snapping protection so you can be sure we will have a lock to suit everybody’s budget and security needs. Please see my lock advice page.

Local Locksmith

Don’t fall into the trap of calling a national locksmith company thinking you have called a local locksmith. A national company will charge you twice as much as a local locksmith and most of the time; then they just call a local locksmith!

Ensure their landline number starts with 01723.
Check their business address on their website.
Make sure it’s a local postcode.

Mobile Key Cutting

How many times have you gone into town, queued up in a key shop, Asked for a key to be cut, had it cut, paid, gone home, tried the key, and it did not work?
Now you have to go all the way back into town, queue up again, etc, etc.
Call me, save all that hassle. I will come to your house, cut the required key and test it before I go.I charge only £8 per key with a minimum spend of £25.

Master keying locks

Have you ever thought of having just one key for all your doors? Did you know that your current locks could be repined so that they all work of the same key? This means you don’t have the expense of getting new locks.

Hotel master keying

In the guest house I previously owned I had locks that had been master keyed. When customers lost the keys and I had no spares left, I had to replace the lock with a standard one so I could let the room out again that day! This resulted in me having some rooms working from the master keys and some from standard keys. Leading to loads of keys and confusion.

I can make a key to match the lost keys.

I can master key locks to match your current keys.

If you have a qty of rooms that have never been master keyed and don’t fancy the cost of new locks. Call me. I can master key them all without having to buy all new locks.